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Ask Questions. Get good answers. Many people starting a project dive straight in with "Can you give me a quote please". That's the last question to ask. A salesman wants to sell and they will take what ever time is required to sell their product. Be the buyer, you're buying the service. Take your time to ensure you ask lots of questions. What ever you do don't employ someone because you like them.


We are property improvers. We are not Builders. But that doesn't mean we can't build. A Builder is simply a project manager who also does. A Builder is not Bricklayer, a Carpenter or Plasterer. A Builder is all of those while being none of those. Yes, they may work on the project but you're not employing them as a Bricklayer, you're employing them as a project manager too. They talk to Planners, Building Control, Councils and Utilities.

Home for Life

You may be creating a home for life. You may not. But our objective is to help create the home for your life. Design, Character and Function.
I started as a Sole Trader, a Decorator, Bathroom fitter, the Kitchens, the Plumbing, Plastering and more. My feedback on professional site is at 100% satisfaction. I plan on keeping it that way.

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You will find a considerable amount of information here as my work continues and the site grows to provide more useful content and resource information.

House Exmouth
This is a newly Built house for sale in Exmouth Devon, 8 Prime Location homes.